About Baozun


    Baozun is the famous brand E-commerce business partner, and a leading digital technology and solution company in China.

    We are the leading brand e-commerce solutions provider in China, our integrated capabilities encompass all aspects of the E-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfillment.



    The study report about e-commerce service industry for brands in China.


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      In different channels, the brand wants to provide seamless consumer shopping experience, namely the ubiquity of brand experience and provide goods, it needs strong service system to ensure all channels, including all channels of shop management, across the channel and retail operation capacity, integrated system of inventory as well as trade and settlement system. As the leader of the all-channel solution, bao zun has helped a large number of brands to implement all channel strategies and trustworthy.


      We believe that best solution comes from best market.
      Dedicated to be an interpreter and implementer of brands’ digital strategies and introduce market-leading solutions to the whole world, we have built complete local teams and achieved best practices in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the meanwhile, we strive to expand our business in other markets. Nowadays, as brand becomes more globalization, far-sighted decision making, pragmatic globalization solutions and the ability to localize are crucial factors for a brand’s future.


      The constant incorporation of physical and digital spaces brings consumers a wide variety of shopping experiences. We enable brand to have a holistic view and deep understanding of consumers by linking offline with online platform, browsing with purchasing, and pre-sale with after-sale service. At the same time, we bring consistent branding image and explore new business opportunities through more accurate and effective touchpoints management.


      All brand companies seek to do business in a boundless world through different channels and provide consumers with seamless shopping experiences, more exactly, see anywhere, buy anywhere, serve anywhere. This requires a strong Omni-channel service system that includes Omni-channel store management, cross-channel retail operation, integrated inventory system and trading and clearing system. As a pioneer of Omni-channel solution supplier, we have succeeded in backing numerous brands for their Omni-channel strategies and will guide many more to achieve digital transformation and brand upgrading.


      The present development of brand e-commerce has pushed forward the reform of entire retail industry, which in turn has led to technology reform and made great room for innovation. We continuously invest to build a leading e-commerce technology platform, from retail systems, data acquisition and analysis, image processing and recognition, to artificial intelligence. We believe technology will empower the future success.
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      Our business covers 8 categories with 355 honorable brands. Our GMV(Gross Merchandise Volume) exceeded 71 billion RMB in 2021.

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